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 Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd


Congenital tribe Shepherd Central Asia, the South Asian Shepherd, Shepherd of Eastern Europe (Russian wolfhound) and the Tibetan Mastif. His character is balanced and is usually suspicious and aggressive to strangers. Has Moderate vigor (for this and the amount of food they consume is disproportionately small to the volume) but with explosive reactions. Because of their strong physique and resistance to extreme weather, highly recommended for livestock keepers, space rangers.


Ancient Asian race - more than 2000 years, which was raised by shepherds for tinprostasia their herds of large animals (leopards, wolves, etc.)


Necessary socialization and basic obedience training, without extremes. You do not have the storage education.


  • ORIGIN: Areas around the Caucasus Mountains (Georgia, southern Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia)
  • HEIGHT: female > 65cm female > 62cm
  • WEIGHT: male > 60kg female > 45kg
  • Vary between gray, beige, cream, with white markings, white, white with gray - brown markings
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